Music Monday: In Paradisum (Faure)

Despite our human frailties we make music like this, which highlights a nobility, a creativity that’s pretty hard to explain. Some say the Victorians were prudish and insufferably prim, but I don’t see it. Take a look at their lavish decorating, their intense love of the robust and full natural world and their grand sense that with their God-given talents they could pull up the impoverished, the immigrants, the freedmen and even the Indians to the dizzying heights of the modern . . . they may have been misguided (and we all know there’s evil in the world), but not prim. That is something we put on them looking from our highly sexualized “free” society perch (will someone try to convince me that Christina Aguilera strutting around in a corset is a thing of sublime beauty?). Doing something for beauty’s sake quite often takes control. Even making money takes control and we humans don’t much like that, do we? So . . . for this morning’s listening pleasure, sit back and listen to some well-disciplined voices–isn’t it a little awesome, at least? I bet the Victorians would be impressed.

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  1. kurtnemes says:

    Sublime. One of my favorite pieces, ever. Ethereal and angelic. Thanks


    1. Yes! I tell my kids that when I die this must be performed at my funeral—I think that might mean I have an ego problem–or I just like making kids crazy. Glad you enjoyed it.


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