The Idle Rich

The Idle Rich

Frederic Sackrider Remington with great props–bowler hat and cane.

Actually Mr. Remington was neither though briefly he lived off an inheritance when his father died but invested it poorly in cattle operations and mining. The family dream was that their only child attend West Point, but alas dear Fred was no scholar. His classmates at school thought him lazy, generous and an all round good fellow–but not soldier material. Don’t we love this American type? I do. He loved to swim, ride and hunt and once told an uncle, “I never intend to do any great amount of labor. I have but one short life and do not aspire to wealth or fame in a degree which could only be obtained by an extraordinary effort on my part.”

He married but his wife became unhappy with his saloon life and left him to draw his little sketches and tend sheep on his own. This finally spurred him into action and a career documenting the last of the old West. He got his wife back, by the way. A happy romance is always the mark of a good man.

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