I wonder if she knows the government is reading her telegram?


Three self-made men before Google:

Saratoga in summer . . . the casino, the regatta and the racetrack all brought to you by John Morrissey from Ireland who at one time led a gang of roughs in Troy. Honest, gregarious, huge and totally self-made.

Alexander Stewart (also of Irish descent) lent a friend some money to open a dry goods store in New York. When the friend bailed he took over and created the largest retail store in the world. He never had a painting done since he considered himself past his sell by date and didn’t want it documented. While considered stingy and unapproachable, he secretly sent money to help the starving millions in Ireland during the famine, helped widows and children during the Civil War and founded the SPCA. And he erected the Grand Union Hotel in Saratoga.

Commodore Vanderbilt came from a solidly middle-class background and famously ferried the waters of New York winning a contract with the government during the War of 1812 to protect the forts in the vicinity. His second fortune was made on railroads. He summered in Saratoga along with his ostentatious and large family. Everybody loved them.

Random thought: I wonder if we should waste our time hating the rich self-made men and women of our country when the government reads our email?

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