19 thoughts on “Miss America 1924

    • I agree, but I don’t think her hair would get her very far in the competition today 🙂 Isn’t there some competition in Ireland–The Rose of Tralee? Does it require intelligence as well as beauty?


      • Yes we do. You are dead right: the Rose of Tralee. Pretty cheesy but, with our Irish talent for self-promotion, very famous. And yes,right again: the contestants are expected to demonstrate intelligence, personality charm, compassion and character, as well as beauty (which of course comes from within) 🙂

        PS: i am thinking of entering myself next year. Oh, hang on.. maybe that’s for the Thorn of Tralee.


      • You really should leave your Miss America hair the way it is when you get up! Maybe I am just in a mood, but this photo looks strange – did they attach those curls at the bottom of her hair? With all due respect, she does not look like hale and hearty. But then the wimpy ingenue look was big back then! Here she is Miss America . . .


      • Oh, that’s funny. I didn’t even think they attached the curls, but it does look like that. I wonder if back then they had to compete outdoors and she unfortunately got caught in a rainstorm–that kills curls. I do think she’s quite pretty, but the hair makes me laugh.


      • Her hair looks like Hell! It would take more than a bit of weather to make that mess on top! Again, respectfully, to me she looks consumptive – not that that can’t be pretty in a weird sickly way.


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