Writing Studio

Writing Studio

I’m not about to complain.

11 thoughts on “Writing Studio

    1. Yes it is, though I did get some poison ivy 🙂 My goats came along and mobbed me because they sensed crackers in my bag that I’d forgotten about so in actual fact I didn’t get much writing done, but it was a good time. have a great weekend and hope your dog is feeling better.


      1. Okay, so maybe it was less than ideal but it still looks pretty fantastic! Thanks, you as well. Crosely has made some strides already. We are cautiously hopeful.


    1. I love when people do that. My tendency is to have chaos of color in my garden, but for the front shady part I’m really trying to discipline myself to just have a green (a little bit of white) garden. It’s finally starting to come together after a few years of so-so decisions at the garden store. 🙂 Do you garden?


      1. When we had the Victorian , I had window boxes around the wrapped front porch, shade, Lillie’s & peonies in sun, all around the yard. I even dug up the planting strip that belongs to the city and planted there. Sold it in 2006. Now in urban apt in old Catholic school. We now are on the first floor with a tiny secret garden space which we just paid to have a shade garden. If you send me your email I will try to send pix. Please send me yours, too.
        Anne.t.bell@gmail.com. (all lower case). Did you read Secret Garden?


      2. We moved from a tiny spot to a vast blank canvas (new home, no landscaping)! I loved The Secret Garden almost as much as The Little Princess. My goal is to have our sunny garden completely closed off with arbors and vines (I’m obsessed with vines). Everything is a work in progress (especially since I tend to kill roses 🙂


      3. I love roses after visiting in England where every house no matter how modest have beautiful roses! David and I argued over the ivy and the bittersweet covering the building when we were planning our tiny garden. He wanted to pull it down. we compromised and he picked the pavers and I kept the vines in my secret garden!


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