Books I’ve Known and Loved / Anything by Robert Utley


The West was no simple place. Robert Utley gets that. Soldier/Indian relations varied depending on the Indian and the soldier. Pride, love and ego, not to mention military orders, pressure from the East and teenaged warriors run amok made for complications and tragedy. Utley writes about the West like no other.

Check out A Life Wild and Perilous and his great biography of Geronimo too.

7 responses to “Books I’ve Known and Loved / Anything by Robert Utley”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading about the West. I was born and raised in central Nebraska, near Lincoln. I’ve spent weeks at a time in Western Nebraska as part of a modern cattle drive with my friends and family. My mother is a fan of his writing and it seems as devoted as you are. Geronimo is one of my personal favorites. BTK, Custer will always fascinate me because they’re such a part of the area where I grew up. I can remember reading both of the books in your photo. Utley, is a fine writer.


    • Ever since reading The Little House series as a kid I’ve been fascinated by the prairies and the West in general. As far as generals go I find Custer a bit too pretty and his ways too wild (but his romance with Libby was so sweet!). At the moment General Grenville Dodge is my favorite interest. I went to the Army War College to research for parts of my book and got to see diaries and wallets and notes from General Crook’s campaign against the Apache. I was in heaven. My family went to an amusement park for a week and I stayed at the library.LOL. A lot of it didn’t make it into the final cut of the book but it was so much fun learning.


  2. These sound like the kind of books I should be reading also – and I will, thanks for this post, compared to you guys I know so little still about the west and the prairie states, but then I’m from Europe. J


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