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  1. Elephant says:

    Oh my, he is flying high! I don’t know if that acrobatic display is going to have a happy ending!

    This is for me!?! The Wild Wild Wolf Show with Buffs – what nicer gift could I hope for! I love it! Thank you very much!

    The dear bull buffs are protecting the herd from those tricky wolves. I was wondering have you ever researched the “Little Ice Age,” which followed the “Medieval Warming.”

    Maybe the wolf is dancing on the ceiling? Thank you my thoughtful friend you have delighted this elephant!

    Hi Ho,


    1. You’ve made quite an impression. I often times see illustrations and think, “Elephant would love that!”

      The wolf made me laugh.


      1. Elephant says:

        I love a good picture! Thank you again for being so thoughtful! And for being so gracious about my ideas!



      2. Iron sharpens iron as they say. 🙂 I enjoy pondering and exchanging ideas with you.


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Amazing illustration! We saw the wolves twice in Yellowstone. Once swimming across The Yellowstone River~


    1. Okay, I’m getting totally jealous of you!! 🙂 I’ve always been madly in love with buffaloes. (wolves are beautiful, too).


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