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  1. Elephant says:

    I have thought about your wonderful book many times. EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO FOLLOW YOUR BLOG! I am not a “that would make a great movie” person, but in the case of your book it would make a great movie. It is expensive to make period movies, but I think with the western part (not as expensive as an epic civil war battle) and a few other creative idea it would not be that costly. I did, however, imagine a filmmaker would need a really great house in New Jersey to fix the story in time and place. This house clearly will not be that house, but keep your eyes open and look for the perfect place!



    1. Of course I’m going to agree with you wholeheartedly on everything you’ve just said 🙂 Thanks again for the kind words and if you know of any movie people please feel free to tell them all about your ideas! My only stipulation would be that Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt not be cast in the movie. The real inspiration for the house was right across the street from where I worked. It was one of the original houses in Englewood fallen into disrepair and about to be demolished. I forced my daughter who was eight to sneak in (it was abandoned) with me to look around. That was SOOOO much fun. Anyway the house was bought and fixed up but sort of in a modern way so that was a little disappointing.


      1. Elephant says:

        Are we getting Hollywood? Can you write a good treatment? I do know someone . . . but I can’t go and wave my hands around! We have got to find a house!



      2. Oh, why can’t you wave you’re hands around–please! Haha. I think first I’d wish for more readers 🙂 And maybe then an independent film would be better.


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