If Life is War Then Writing A Book Is Like Planting a Victory Garden


New Jersey the Garden State  courtesy of NJ Historical Society

Seeds are only ten cents but ideas are even cheaper. If you look carefully, you notice that there’s piles of duplicate packets, but if you’ve ever grown a garden each carrot comes out a little different, yet still nourishes (let’s not debate organics here).

Books are like that. They nourish the soul of the reader and writer. Gardens and books are meant to be shared. You can’t rush either of them. You pick your little packets excitedly with dreams of big pumpkins and great characters. Note the enthusiasm of the writers, I mean, would be gardeners–still in their winter coats–dreaming of spring. The older lady up front takes the whole thing quite seriously, having lived through failed crops before, while the young girl in lipstick still has the giddy enthusiasm of youth. One man betrays  the quiet confidence of a gardener in his prime while another, holding a small child quietly waits his turn, maybe burdened with bills, but still there ready to pick his themes and lettuce–maybe a children’s book for little Effie.

And who are the women happily handing out seeds? They’re the people sent into your life to encourage. Yes, there’s war, but you and your little packets of seed CAN make a difference. Churchill says never give up, they remind you.

Now it’s up to you. Time to get your hands dirty. Time to plot. Do some research. See how things grow. Show up everyday and work the soil, kill the weeds (unless these very weeds produce a garden that delights you) and enjoy it. Books and gardens grow nice people sometimes.

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