Random Talented Homeschool Kid Livin’ the Dream

Well, it may not be her dream, but I’ll always post a good rendition of Shenandoah and this one sort of fits what I’m thinking about at the moment.The song is about a Euro-American man who falls in love with an Indian chief’s daughter (white/Indian relations). It’s hard not to envy home-schooled kids for escaping the dismal test scores of the public school system and the mind numbing boredom. And, as always a bit of time travel makes my day.

7 thoughts on “Random Talented Homeschool Kid Livin’ the Dream

      1. LOL My boys are playing Stratego, but only because I said they could not watch Cartoon Network. I’d rather hear them snickering and bragging than hear the canned sound of the tube. 🙂


      2. We used to have the five kids wait until 7pm before they could go into the room where the tv and computer were. At around 6:45 they’d start jostling at the door–like at one of those Black Friday sales where people get trampled. Ugh. Since we’re a “blended family” we had to give in a little or run the risk of a mass exodus to the other parents 🙂


      3. Ah, my kids are subject to the insufferable tyranny of the single family. No choices, no guilt presents and no calling the absent parent! And we’re bookish nerds. The poor dears. Someday their therapists will be quite sympathetic, no doubt. LOL


      4. I’m a bookish nerd who once allowed myself to appear in a mime routine–a long mime performance. My kids and their friends sat front row center. They have a lot to get over 🙂


      5. LOL I would have loved to see that! I live to be an embarrassment to my kids one day. Lord knows it will be payback for all the times they have embarrassed me. LOL


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