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  1. Kids not only grew up faster back then, they actually wanted to grow up. Being a child came with very little in the way of perks (being ‘seen and not heard’ etc), and the very concept of the modern teenager deferring responsibility for a long as possible was light years away from the reality of these boys. Boys wanted to be men, and that was that.
    Another great photo. Thanks.


    • Have you ever read Charles Murray’s book, Coming Apart? It’s very interesting. He argues that class, not race is the real determinant factor in achievement in the US. The decline of marriage, of the work ethic, of respect for the law and of religious observance–have affected the working class and poor communities much more than the more affluent ones which he says leads to a lot of the dysfunction and unhappiness in those communities. In these communities the boys (or young men) are considered fools if they actually want to make something of themselves. I’ve seen this mentality in the schools I worked at and in my own kids school. It’s much cooler to live off your parents or the government and “play” the system. I think this works short-term for these kids, but it has to bring boredom and bitterness long term–at least you would think.


      • When I used to teach it was impossible not to see people (students) putting themselves into certain classes by the decisions they were already making. What made it particularly interesting was when the class was made up of children from the same “class.” Even withing this group some made more “successful” choices. Some just were happy coasting through and chatting the day away. No matter how equal a society aims to be it can’t be ignored that people are different and have different motivations. The longer version of saying that I agree with you. 🙂


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