A Cowgirl Ain’t Nothin’ Without Her Gun.


Little did we know that the thought police would soon determine our costumes offensive, our plastic guns a danger and the awesome looking Redskins logo–the one that celebrates the bravery and nobility of the Indians– a crime against humanity. Gotta go now–I’m off to protest the Fighting Irish leprechaun since I’m part Irish and have no sense of humor–you can’t make fun of us because we suffered through the famine engineered by those evil Brits! Oh, wait I like the Brits. Hmm.

7 thoughts on “A Cowgirl Ain’t Nothin’ Without Her Gun.

  1. You two look so much alike! Nice picture!!!

    Halloween costumes? – I think not – You two dolls are standing in front of a Christmas tree with an easy bake oven close at hand! Nice outfits – lucky you were – cool cowgirl outfits + guns and the dream oven!

    Hi Ho,


    1. I was wondering if anyone noticed the wrong holiday. I was luckiest because I got the skirt. It took about two days to run out of cake mixes for the oven and I’m pretty sure my father my father ate the cakes 🙂


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