Bringing Sexy Back To Sobriety


Frances Willard, the second president of the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, led the more progressive wing of the organization that sought to purify society by using women’s special gift of moral superiority to enact laws, protest against unfair working conditions and uplift the Irish and German immigrants who we all know are big drinkers.

I’m a libertarian at heart (at the moment, I think I am). I chafe at the idea of a government compelling me to do things. The 20th century is filled with progressive people’s movements that seem to ignore human nature and in the end morality for an easier killing the masses you disagree with. Banning liquor didn’t work. Women didn’t soften politics. Stalin . . .enough said.

On the bright side, children don’t work in sweatshops . . . oh, wait they do just in different countries. Well, at least there’s no kids on the streets, just in foster care waiting to be set free at 18 with no family. (note to self: maybe I should think more seriously about adopting)

Hey! This post was supposed to be about moral uplift, progress and women reformers. Why must my brain hijack good feeling? The problem with human laws replacing godly laws is the strong tendency of humans to compel first through lecturing, then through politicizing and finally through violence. Then we start all over again. Hmm. Sometimes God looks human–you know that Book Of Revelations is a scary thing. But if it’s all true (and if it’s not, life is a pretty unsexy thing) then there’s hope beyond the grim-faced reformer and the drunken loser. Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

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