Britain’s Victorian Slumdogs


He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.  PROVERBS 14:31

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  1. Get that kid an apple!


    1. I just ate an apple and it wasn’t very filling. I don’t know how I ever stayed a vegan as long as I did. The kid needs a good pair of leather lace up boots with hand-knit socks, some beef stew and hot bread with butter.


      1. haha I get the feeling you have a pretty good idea of the lifestyle back then…


  2. cannasue says:

    Sadly, with some of the latest polital reforms going on at the moment, we’ll be back there again.


    1. I don’t think politicians can ever solve the problem of poverty. They’ve never been good at legislating charity and have never figured out a way of avoiding unintended consequences. Life’s a crooked game, as my husband reminds me.


  3. Sun says:

    unfortunately we still face this problem worldwide


    1. Poverty moves around but it never disappears.


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