If I Could Turn Back Time . . . Would I?

Time travel fun

7 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time . . . Would I?

    1. I’m still not sure. My family was solid middle class on my mother’s side until my grandmother made a bad choice in marriage 🙂 While I love these kinds of shows they’re not a true representation of the times. The families would have been used to the strict discipline, the hard work etc from an early age. They wouldn’t be comparing everything to modern times.

      The wealthy woman on the show was bored, but she didn’t make much effort to enjoy her week–I bet she’s the type who needs to be busy on vacation. The strict father had to behave so differently all at once. The kids back then would have been taught the rules all along.

      Of course I felt most sorry for the working class man. The idea of walking up to people asking for work would be very difficult. I was impoverished for about a year and had to do all of my family’s laundry in the tub, live off less than thirty dollars a week etc and it was pretty tough, but if you have to do it, you get over it pretty quickly. The working class girls were very plucky in the show. I liked that.

      Being poor and cold would be the worst part.

      I like the well-mannered kids, the skirts and the hats.


      1. Lots of things about it were very unreal (like them living next door to each other!), but it was interesting. I agree the poor working class father had it the worst – crushing. I too liked it that the polo pony girls made the best of things. It was interesting that the wealth kids enjoyed their life without their parents.

        I was confused about why the middle class father was uncomfortable talking to his kids in either era. The wealthy woman was just a drip.

        I agree being poor and cold – not fun. Add to that dirty, cramped, hopeless and bored and I am not about to volunteer!

        I will have to look for the next part! Let’s hope those polo pony girls and their father get to have fun in another era.



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