Books I’ve Known And Loved

Books I've Known And Loved

Thought this was going to be a book bashing passionate lay historians (re-enactors) so put off reading it for a long time. Instead its a book of pathos relating a displaced American dream, a search for meaning in the lives of people who feel left behind and forgotten in this modern age. It’s also funny and well-written.

5 thoughts on “Books I’ve Known And Loved

  1. This sounds interesting. – I have put it on my reading list.

    Maybe you should also tag this with “fashion” – love the big satin bow with a white belt and plaid shirt. I am going to give this look a try today!



    1. I bet you could carry off the bow big time! Funny you should mention tags. I’m an awful tagger. I’m a deer in the headlight tagger. 😦 Thanks for the help–I need a tag manager, a book manager and possibly a life coach. haha.


      1. We all need a great deal of help. I know next to nothing about blogging, but I did get that tagging thing! I read a couple of help pages on WP (I am so lazy . . .) anyway, between the categories and the tags you shouldn’t go beyond 15 total. So that means you should name away. Now, I am too lazy to really get this right, but I do realize even in my haze that the tags are important. Figure out which ones work and pick the right ones (you can’t tag something with “fashion” when it is a dull ugly something, but if it is a bow with a plaid shirt then “fashion” tag away). I think if you get the categories and tags right, you get more followers – ignore them and many people who would like to see your posts miss them!

        Keep in mind if you find them (with your categories or your tags) they will come. Be careful you don’t attract those you would rather do without.



      2. Simplicity! I will treasure that – thank you – I just don’t like all the stuff around because it makes my pictures smaller. I would love to find a simple format I like.

        I think you could become an excellent tagger – you have a good mind for it – think of it as a puzzle! Then, when you are really “professional” at it, I will just copy you!

        I have another book I would recommend to you: “The Englishman’s Boy” by Guy Vanderhaeghe. The West in the 1870’s and Hollywood in the 1920’s. The times and places work together in this book in an unlikely and very interesting way. It is a good one!



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