Books I’ve Known And Loved


I haven’t actually read this one yet, but my husband surprised me with the book and I know I’ll love it since it’s by one of my favorite historians, Oliver Knight, of Life and Manners of the Frontier Army fame (famous to me anyway). A book about the journalists who traveled along with the army throughout the Indian wars has got to be exciting. The military men of my novels show a certain disdain for journalists informed by my reading of military journals and memoirs and I have carried a similar distrust since attending NYU journalism classes years ago. But I hope to have my mind opened. I’m charmed by the old library tag as well.


9 responses to “Books I’ve Known And Loved”

  1. OK, now I’m mad at you. You’ve introduced to me to yet another book I want to read, but you don’t tell me how to get the time!! I once taught a Media and Criminal Justice course and we studied the progression of journalism and its treatment of crime reporting. It’s almost comical, if not scary. This sounds like it’s right up my alley! And kudos to you for having such a sweet husband!


    • Yes, the husband is very sweet. My current feeling is that most really brave, really smart journalists end up writing books or something. To be a great journalist I think a firm grasp of history is hugely important. Writing things in the bubble of today is dangerous. I’ve been going through old newspapers from the 1880’s and it’s so interesting to see how blatantly slanted the stories were against “suspected” criminals. I think now we have journalists who are smart enough to cloak their biases in fine words–but with the same result.

      In a military journal I’m reading the colonel complains when on one day a newspaper claims that the soldiers are exaggerating the claim of gold in the Black Hills, the next day the very same newspaper claims the reports from the military and geological survey team are hiding the massive amount of gold 🙂

      Are you a professor? In what area? Journalism? Criminal Justice?


      • I agree with your commentary on past and present states of journalism. And let’s not forget the reporter-wannabes clogging up the Internet! They think because they have an “opinion” that it makes for fact and news.
        I was a professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology. Almost made it through my PhD, but my MS has robbed (slowed) my cognitive functions so that I work from home now. Trying to become a writer and finding ways to supplement SSD.
        I am so very grateful that WordPress is here. I’ve met some amazing, talented and interesting people!


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