Edwardian Street Style! Fantastic Pics Of Everyday Fashion



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      • What I imagine is that if you were a really competitive girl you wanted the tiniest waist so you put yourself through the agony. You can adjust corsets so it really was the vanity of the women driving the pain. You can find many examples of the men laughing and shaking their heads at the lengths women went to get the perfect waist, but if you see the naughty pictures the soldiers carried during the Civil War it becomes obvious that the men cared nothing about the size of a woman’s waist 🙂


      • hahaha! I’m sure.

        You just made me think of the scene where Scarlet decides to use the curtains for a new dress. This was also re-done by Carol Burnet to comedic genius. Did you ever see it?


      • I LOVED Carol Burnett. I wonder if I’d still think she was funny. You’ve given me an excuse to goof off on Youtube 🙂
        As a family we recently watched Gone with the Wind. Our boys loved it but the girls were not impressed. You never can tell with kids. I loved Scarlet’s curtain dress!


  1. I cannot express how happy this makes me. I also cannot believe I am saying that about something originating from The Daily Fail, but there you have it…My fave is definitely the pic you posted above. I would so wear that.


    • Me too! there’s a store in Saratoga with beautifully made hats just like the ones in the picture. As soon as you try one on you’re transported back in time. I actually felt like I was in a Sargent painting when I tried one on. One day I’ll buy one (they’re a bit pricey). The owner won’t let me take pictures inside the store because people try to steal her designs, but you would die and go to heaven. The Daily Fail occasionally has great pictures 🙂


      • I just got through about half of the bathing beauties. What great photos. I can see why some people were scandalized–some of the suits were very revealing–enough to make me cringe (the men’s suits in particular. I love how in some pictures the women are wearing socks or stockings. It’s amazing how quickly showing skin became acceptable. Some pulled it off better than others–in that way nothing changes. 🙂


      • I went through the whole gallery last week, and in my opinion the best images are in the first half. I want to go through it again, though, because this type of thing is right up my alley. I want to really look at details this time.
        It’s funny, but my husband also mentioned how some are, erm, a bit revealing. Naturally, that is the opposite of what was intended. I adore a good early 20th century bathing suit. Anything through the ’40s, actually. Incredibly stylish, although as you say some people look better than others. 🙂


      • 1940’s bathing suits were great. I’m happy with men wearing baggy trunks these days. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to endure oddly shaped men in Speedos at the beach standing nearby as if every woman on the beach was being treated to a great show. Haven’t these people heard all the jokes? What drives a person to Speedo? On this one thing I am very judgmental. 🙂


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