Battle of the British Photography Babes


In this corner the ugly duckling of her family with the nickname “Talent.” Julia Cameron was given her first camera in her 40’s. The rest is history. “I longed to arrest all the beauty that came before me and at length the longing has been satisfied.” Julia Cameron


For more info about this talented artist:


And in this corner Lady Clementina Hawarden (it is suggested that her immune system was weakened by constant contact with the photographic chemicals causing her death).

Francesca Spickernell, photography specialist at Bonhams, said: “It was pioneering for a woman to be taking photos like this at this point in the 19th century. Her output was prolific and she won awards for her work. She struck out into areas and depicted moods unknown to the art photographers of her age.”

For more info about this talented artist:


And who wins the prize? Anyone willing to be judge?

26 responses to “Battle of the British Photography Babes”

  1. the pic I like the best is second to the last.
    My family had old photos from the early 1900’s which mysteriously disappeared after my Grandmother died. I am quite sure she did NOT take them with her.


    • There’s definitely some things I’d want to take with me πŸ™‚
      I read a book by NT Wright a while back about Life After Death. It was very comforting because he makes a case for still doing things you like in the new life. So if you liked writing you could still write but I guess it would be better writing! I always hated the idea of just singing all day to God. LOL


      • Heaven is going to be very exciting. It’s a lie that we would float on clouds and play harps all day–unless of course we wanted to! The earth was formed to resemble heaven, except of course there is no sin there, so things are perfect. I am sure we can still write there if we want to.
        On the other side, Hell is advertised as “where all your friends go” but it is also a lie. Hell is torment forever.
        Thank God He gave us Jesus, so that whosoever believes on Him as Savior and Lord will not perish in Hell but have everlasting LIFE in Heaven!


      • In the book it talks about heaven being a resting place before the world is remade. I’d been raised Christian but it wasn’t until I actually sat down and read the Bible from cover to cover did it make sense (and it still doesn’t all make sense). The Bible is not some dusty old boring tale–though it’s often taught and characterized that way. It’s sad because people end up missing some of the most beautifully inspiring thoughts and language ever written. I think I always thought it was about rules and regulations–but it’s more about how it’s impossible to be righteous at all on our own. It’s a big weight taken off our backs to know that once we choose a relationship with God we won’t be forced to behave differently, we’ll just want to behave differently. I never got that. I wrestled with God A LOT. I still do sometimes πŸ™‚
        So were you raised Christian?
        So many people are raised Christian but then go off to school and lose their faith. Very interesting since there’s about as much evidence for a creator as there is for us being created by nothing. I think it would be nice if professors were allowed to be intellectually honest and present as many different ideas as possible.


      • I was brought up “catholic” which is a whole different flavor. It’s rules and regulations. “Grace” was supposedly what we got after we went to confession. (those little confessionals were humiliating.) We knew ABOUT Jesus, but we didn’t KNOW Jesus.
        I was in my early 20’s when I finally found God. Or He found me as we say. πŸ™‚
        And yes, I agree that there is more evidence that we were created. For the Evolution crowd: what’s the chances of a wristwatch “evolving” out of nothing? And humans are more complex than watches.


      • I was raised Catholic as well πŸ™‚ I was surprised to see how much about evolution hinges on unprovable theories, but if evolution was brought into question a lot of people would be out of work. I’m not a scientist, but most of the people who argue about these things aren’t scientists either. I just don’t think a lot of people realize that evolution is just a theory–a faith. People get very angry about this topic. I just find it highly interesting. What I don’t like is when people call those on the opposing side stupid when really it’s all a matter of belief systems. Not everything learned in high school and college is automatically true.


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