Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 95 – The American Bison

While I disagree with some of the premises in this post, you know I LOVE the buffs. Of course I had to comment and share the beautiful pictures and the thought-provoking video.

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

American bison - close up in the snow

“When the buffalo went away, the hearts of my people fell to the ground”
Crow chief Plenty Coups

It is difficult to say anything about the historic slaughter of the bison that has not already been said.  But, for the few who are unfamiliar with the unparalleled bloodshed of the late nineteenth century, it is safe to say those responsible succeeded in killing two birds with one stone, as was their intention, massively depleting the numbers of free-roaming bison, and defeating the entire Plains Indian Nation in the west of America at the same time.

American bison herd from Nat GeographicThese magnificent beasts were reduced in number from an estimated thirty million or more to just over one thousand, and the Plains Indians were brought to their knees.  Never in history has such appalling devastation been caused to any other species of animal or had such a lasting effect on native peoples.

In both, the aggressors…

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