Books I’ve Known and Loved

Books I've Known and Loved

Addiction in beautifully packaged books for your pleasure at a distance.

8 responses to “Books I’ve Known and Loved”

    • I’m forever drawn to addicts and art referencing them. I think it may come from my controlling nature. Part of me loves the idea of just letting go of life through drugs–but I don’t act on it–only in my fiction and under the supervision of doctors in special situations. 🙂 I’ve been under the influence of morphine and Demerol and though the situations were quite serious I really did enjoy the blissful peace that came with their use. I can see why people get addicted. In one case I was dying and all I could think about was how fantastic I felt! Fun times–sort of!


      • I do not have an addictive personality when it comes to drugs. I find them personally ineffectual and quite boring. I enjoy reading about others’ crazy drug-fueled escapades, though. I love De Quincey’s book, and not just because it is the one that started the culture of addiction literature. It is quite entertaining (and he was quite, quite egotistical, to boot).


  1. My daughter once argued with me about drugs. She was convinced nobody used them until the sixties. But she also thought the White House and the Capital were the same building until we went there on her 21st birthday.


    • Kids these days. 🙂 The sixties drug culture fashion–yuck! My fascination and fear of drugs started when I watched The Wizard of Oz as a child and my father told me Judy Garland was dead from a drug overdose. he then brought home pictures of morphine and heroin addicts to scare me straight (age eight) and then we watched Kojac when his nephew became an addict. Fun times.


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