My, you look just like your father!

Would you care to support these nice little ex-slaves?
Would you care to support these nice little ex-slaves?

Read more about the pale-skinned group of young ex-slaves used in fundraising efforts after the war.

7 responses to “My, you look just like your father!”

    • Tell me more! I knew that they were quickly dragged into the Civil War and that they were the objects of much hatred and prejudice. As a college student I got really into my Irish heritage. Have you ever read The Fatal Shore about Brits and Irish being sent off to Australia? Sad, but then they made a nation.

      There’s not many people who haven’t been victimized in their family trees. Native Americans also kept slaves. Muslims in 1500-1700s captured possibly a million European slaves and the list goes on and on. My own great 3x grandfather was beaten savagely as a child by his “employer.”

      And sadly we still have slaves today in this world.


      • 1. I will try to find the book and info about the Irish slaves, I think I reblogged his blog. (I’ll get back to you)

        2. YES, there are still slaves in the world–but our country is more concerned with crying over what happened 100 years ago than helping the LIVING.


      • On one level it’s great that the people of this country feel bad about slavery (though none of us living had anything to do with it. But I agree that mostly it’s used as a tool and distraction to keep us mired in hate and guilt so we won’t look at present day evil for what it is.

        There are voices in the wilderness, though. A good friend of mine has devoted her life to eradicating human trafficking wherever it exists in the world.


      • I can’t find my reblog YET,
        but if you go to and put in “Irish Slavery” a bunch of books come up.
        I really think this is something that needs more attention!!


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