4 thoughts on ““The aim for him [the artist] is to extract from fashion the poetry that resides in its historical envelope, to distil the eternal from the transitory.” Charles Baudelaire

  1. Have you ever wondered what life would have been like had you been born in another era? Of course you have! You write historical fiction. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. My family was just poor dirt farmers though. I would have more than likely had ten kids and twenty cows to see after.


    • On my mother’s side we go back to the 1630’s in America so I have a great great great grandfathers and uncles who fought at the battle of Lexington and Concord. The women had BIG families. One of the first women was named Thankful. I use her name for one of my favorite characters.

      But with the heroics comes a long line of alcoholism, depression and poverty (in certain generations). My great grandfather had worked them back up to solid middle class before my grandmother tore them back down 🙂

      My father’s side is filled with mental cases, asylums (they were always throwing each other into them to steal property) and more alcoholism. Great to write about but not so much fun to live, I think–though they were always laughing.

      From the time I was a young child I always felt a real connection and longing for the 19th century. Have no idea why, but even when I put on the clothes from the period I feel more truly myself.

      Cows aren’t so bad, are they? I think their cute 🙂


      • My father’s side goes back to Virginia before the Revolutionary War. They came to GA for land earned during that war in the 1827 land lottery.

        My mother’s side of the family…which I am writing about now, were all nuts. I think it has to do with their thin English blood. Epilepsy, psychosis, Parkinson’s all sorts of neuro and psych problems.

        It was so common on both sides for cousins to marry cousins to keep property in families. When I asked my Grandmother why she married my grandfather she said, “Twernt much to choose from.” Not the answer I was expecting to hear, but the truth.

        Cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs they are all cute, but a lot of work.


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