American Architecture Lost


6 responses to “American Architecture Lost”

  1. While I confess I did not watch these videos in their entirety….I also love the old buildings and I feel sad that the upcoming generation only knows the “new” buildings with shoddy materials and shoddy workmanship….


    • So true. I don’t even really like any modern structures. I’ll confess something too–I couldn’t get past the first few minuted of one of the Penn Station videos because I found it too depressing.

      I need to post something more upbeat next time!

      Hope you’re well, Sue.



  2. I am still horrified at the total lack of thought that went into the destruction of Penn Station. An architectural marvel, razed to make way for a hideous replacement. I remember reading somewhere that a man lamented that when people came in to NYC via Penn Station they came in like kings, after it was destroyed, they came in like rats. It could make you weep for such a loss of a beautiful building that should have been preserved.


    • Just seeing the beautiful sculpted figures wrecked on the ground made me almost cry. What were they thinking? I don’t understand such waste and such lack of appreciation for beauty. It’s like when people in New Milford complained that there were too many trees. Insane!

      When are you going to come visit me? We just had baby goats–what a saga from hell–but the babies are adorable. Will the rain and grey ever stop?


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