“The men looked like the thieves and the women looked like the whores that many of them were.” Sidney George Fisher, visitor to a Saratoga Hotel 1867


Oh, those polite and pure Victorians . . . not so fast. Check out the archeological finds exposing the daily life of a 19th century Boston prostitute  

and one way in which gentleman found the best whores is New York (at the newsstand). Did they like them smart or sporty?


For further study:

City of Eros: New York City, Prostitution and the Commercialization of Sex

“The Terrible State of Society and Morals . . . in Unhappy New York”
Nineteenth-Century Moralism and the Prostitution Problem

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  1. Audrey Munson may interest you if you don’t know about her already. You may have seen her in statue.


    1. Thanks for that amazing tip! Her story is so tragic–I’m going to use elements of her for one of my characters! The statues are so beautiful too! You’ve made my morning 🙂


      1. I’m surprised no one has made a movie about her. Glad you liked her.


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