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  1. Brenda says:

    Interesting that all the people filmed were women, and one child.


    1. And their mannerisms…was that how they really moved and acted or did they think it was being cute or attractive?


      1. Brenda says:

        I remember women of my grandmother’s age having those mannerism and facial expressions. I think that was the norm, more so than now.


      2. That’s so interesting–how mannerisms change…I have to think about that in my writing. I think I’ll try to act that way for a day and see how it’s received 🙂


      3. Brenda says:

        LOL I hope your health insurance is paid up. “Bat your eyes like dis!” (Little Mermaid)


  2. The color’s gorgeous–soft. I can only imagine how amazed they were with Kodak back in the day.


    1. The women look soft too. It’s amazing how different women are expected to look today–strong, severe and super slim. I prefer the round faces of the past 🙂


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