Loving the Brits and Finding an American Voice

Pinckney Marcius-Simons (1865 – 1909) The Writer
Pinckney Marcius-Simons (1865 – 1909) The Writer



and a beautiful art blog full of 19th century images perfect for research and awe:


4 responses to “Loving the Brits and Finding an American Voice”

  1. Love the painting you’ve utilized. Does it look like a doctor sitting next to her to you? I wonder, were female writers once considered a bit hysterical in past eras? The painting made me wonder. Very nice!


    • Well, I think the woman looks very sane 🙂 but that’s an interesting twist. The study of hysteria is an interesting one–one which will be featured in either book five or six of my series.

      The interesting thing about hysteria is how it was a disease of its time. Many women were very conflicted about their changing roles in the new modern world. A great book on the subject is The Fasting Girl. It’s non-fiction, but is so full of fascinating detail and great storytelling.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kate!



      • Oh, I agree – the woman appears sane to me as well – but I’m not a male doctor during that era. 😉

        I’ll take a look at that book – thank you for the recommendation.

        I always enjoy your blog, Adrienne.


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