Books I’ve Known And Loved


If you imagine, based on your high school American history class, that reconstruction was a bore-fest, think again. John William De Forest brings the reader on a trip to Greenville, South Carolina and introduces us to the colorful characters (black and white) he dealt with as an agent of the Freedman’s Bureau. There’s no whitewashing, no PC language, no modern sociological studying here–just one decent man’s appraisal of a bad (sometimes funny) situation. Here is yet another white man with compassion, intelligence and humor. It’s fun to see how a northerner felt about his southern brethren as well as some of the fairer sex.

Tasty tidbit.
Tasty tidbit.

As an interesting aside De Forest is thought responsible for the phrase “the great American novel.”


2 responses to “Books I’ve Known And Loved”

  1. I first was heart-broken for the girl, but truly, that was life then. We are blessed to have the abundance we have now. I think if I lived then, I’d be reasonably OK with it.


    • Me too–though there’s a good chance I’d have died young in childbirth–wow, that was a dark thought even for me 🙂

      Modern medicine/dentistry and showers are the two things I’d miss.


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