Follow Your Bliss


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    • Sometimes just having the right attitude isn’t enough when things really go wrong–it’s why I can’t follow the positive thinking movement. Subtly it suggests that your thinking is the cause for all of your misery, illness etc and if I have to depend just on myself and my thoughts, I’m screwed!

      What is bliss anyway?


      • Excellent question…….. and I have to agree with the ‘positive thinking’/law of attraction stuff….. all this stuff helps but they tend to end up as simplistic answers to complicated problems………. sometimes, shit happens…. we deal with it or we don’t…. it makes us stronger or it breaks us………. I’ve had both kinds…. some of it was down to me and some of it wasn’t but I own all of it and I do my best to keep moving….. for me, some form of creative endeavour is key; not to happiness [but there is a lot of that as well] but more for survival….. I know that sounds a bit melodramatic but I know it to be true…….. you can only get hit so many times before you lose the ability to get up again….. just saying……….just realised that this has gone on a bit, but talking about real things to real people is a rare pleasure for me……be well, and don’t forget to be awesome. Terry


      • I agree about the creativity part. Whenever I stop creating things–watch out! I’m a horrible person to be with then. I used to deny myself that part so I could be more “useful” to others, but t didn’t work. Bitter compassion is never pretty 🙂

        I explored a lot of self-help and new age things and I think they’re good especially for people who have gotten the idea that they’re somehow less than other people. There’s a lot of gentleness to some of what’s said and some truth, but taken to extremes it’s easy to see that just improving your self esteem isn’t going to solve the basic problems of evil and disease. a lot to ponder.

        I like long “real” conversation, so no need to ever edit yourself here, my friend.

        All the best, Terry.



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