Drink This Water And Live Forever

courtesy of Robert Joki

courtesy of Robert Joki


2 responses to “Drink This Water And Live Forever”

  1. They don’t call England the old country for nothing… When we’re not sending children up chimneys, we’re still employing the little munchkins to provide services you guys have automated for more than 100 years. This is from the the present day tourist website of a town south of London named Royal Tunbridge Wells. The clue is in the name, as the Royal Tunbridge Wellers marketed a water which, though tasting like water from a flower vase which had lain in a rusty drainpipe much too long, was meant to keep you from, well, dying. Say the good folk of Royal Tunbridge Wells (slogan: Attracting visitors for 400 years), “The Chalybeate water was served by a ‘Dipper’ for a small charge – not for the water but for the service of it being handed to the drinker. This tradition carries on today, as in the summer it is still possible to sample the cool Chalybeate Spring water served by a costumed dipper.”
    And Mary Poppins died for this?



    • Munchkins spend too much time in front of the computer anyway (especially when I want to use it!).

      Here in Saratoga Springs, NY the young lads no longer man the springs but the springs still taste just as you describe them 🙂


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