Jersey Shore Before Snooki

Sexy girls at the beach.
Sexy girls at the beach.

The girl on the left looks like she might be down for a little cat fight involving parasols.

4 responses to “Jersey Shore Before Snooki”

  1. How hot must it have been? Did nobody sweat? (Sorry, ladies glow, men perspire and horses sweat). But seriously, summer in New Jersey was about as hot as today. Look, they’re in the water! Yet bewhiskered man looks like he’s just arrived from the bank and he’s dressed for January. No wonder Ms Feisty on the left wants to hit someone with her parasol.


    • Once when I was wearing a corset, hoop and day dress at Gettysburg in summer a man who had a crush on me said I was glowing. My kids quickly reminded me that I was sweating. I beat them with a willow branch like I would have back in the day. very period correct.

      Surprisingly, wearing all of those natural fibers really did help with the heat. It wasn’t as bad as you might imagine. The girls in the picture have their sweaty hair down–now that would be a real torture!

      Reading about the better resorts of the 19th century, it seems men never really escaped business.


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