Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Flowing at the Brothel

Finding a good use for mismatched buttons.
Finding a good use for mismatched buttons.

Washington’s Civil War madame could keep a secret


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  1. I think I solved it. The slums and disease are the keys to this issue. Apparently 75% of the men in NYC had a STD in the late 1800’s. the epicenter was Five Points in Manhattan. The stuff on Five Points makes me wonder if Manhattan would have been burned instead of Atlanta, if people knew much about what was happening there.


  2. This quote shows women were not too upset with prostiturion
    Ultimately, Ms. Hall rented her property to a women’s health clinic in her retirement years, about 10 years before she died. This was when prominent Washington women had begun crusading openly in behalf of their ”fallen sisters.”

    ”Respectable women bravely introduced Washingtonians to the novel concept that some women turned to prostitution by necessity rather than choice,” the archeology report notes of days when cities were largely devoid of economic opportunities for single women.


    The Evening Star, March 13, 1863
    Cyprian Affinities
    Annie Smith, Alice Martin, and Cora Wilbraham, three fallen angels, sojourning at Mary Hall’s hades, yesterday secured a barouche and driver for the purpose of taking an airing, and in order to keep their spirits up, they stopped at sundry restaurants and put the spirits down to such an extent that they imagined themselves in Dixie, and commenced shouting for Jeff. Davis and singing the “Bonnie Blue Flag.” At the corner of seventh street and the Avenue a mounted Provost Guard ordered a halt, and attempted to arrest the trio, when one of them jumped out of the hack, but was persuaded to get back, and the party were then escorted to the Provost Marshal’s office, where Annie Smith and Alice Martin again allowed their secesh proclivities to stick out, and continued to hurrah for Jeff. and rebellion. Cora Wilbraham, however, being somewhat sober, was more quiet, and endeavored to dissuade her companions from being so disorderly. The whole party was sent to the Central Guardhouse, and were subsequently released upon the payment of a fine.
    Looks like a useful site

    I saw one site showing how many brothels were in viewing distance of the White House

    This link shows some references to gangs of New York


    • Sounds like the photos I see all the time of Londoners on a night out (I don’t think they’re prostitutes though I wonder why men would need hookers in this day when all you have to do is have a few drinks with a girl and she’ll sleep with you 🙂


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