Do Criminals Look Like Criminals?




Images courtesy of Saratoga Historical Museum

11 responses to “Do Criminals Look Like Criminals?”

    • I guess for me I immediately thought they looked like criminals because of the mugshots 🙂 One or two looked scary in a demented way, but the others looked like rather average, unhappy people. I was surprised at some other ages.


  1. It is all a matter of perception – if you know they are criminals your judge alters your view of them – if you are unaware you view them differently. This is proved time and again when a rapist or murderer is caught and his neighbors / friends are shocked – the usual line “I had no idea, he was so shy & quiet!” A wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  2. Looks can be deceiving. So many people are surprised when they later find out that folks in their neighborhood are wanted for commission of a violent crime (‘He seemed so quiet and nice.’) Often, evil disguises itself in a pretty package (ever read ‘The Bad Seed’ or ‘East of Eden’?).

    I enjoyed looking at the photos above. While one or two of those shown looked quite evil, several looked sad, depressed or confused.


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