Humility in the Gene Pool Jukes

Those f**king Jukes!
Those f**king Jukes!

Have you ever been tolerated? It’s not quite like being loved, is it? Toleration is clenched teeth and the inability to even look at the person without having your blood boil. What a strange thing to teach our kids. What about love?

The reason some of us hate the Bible (if we’ve ever bothered to read it) is because it shows us how we really are, not how we wish we could be, or how we someday will be if we just tinker with the system a little more. The road to hell lies in the intentions of tolerant people.

indexThrough clenched teeth each generation has a smoldering tolerance for those others out there who produce too many babies. Those Irish, those Africans, those dirty white trash. Aren’t they the cause of disease in the city? Aren’t they the cause of global warming?

Through clenched teeth, do we laugh along with Bill Gates as he arrogantly talks about reducing population in third world countries? Not us, but THEM. Do we sorta agree that the poor should be sterilized?

There's another damned Juke!
There’s another damned Juke!

I agreed. Before I was poor I agreed, but when I was poor I loved my children. We worship the powerful and blame the poor. This is as old as time. There’s a great bit in the Bible when the apostle John asks Jesus if they should call down fire on a group of people who don’t like Jesus. Jesus is like, “Man, you still don’t get it.”

The Jukes lived in Upstate New York. Who were the Jukes? They were a bunch of people the scientific community threw together in the 1870’s and said were related (turns out they weren’t). This “family” supposedly had the gene pool of criminals and whores. Science proved it (just like it’s proven now that there’s a climate problem we can fix). The Jukes were used as the perfect example of why poor white trash men and women should be sterilized.


If you think we’ve passed all that messy stuff, you’re sadly mistaken. “I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.” Prince Phillip said in the 1980’s–note he still wants to live himself even if it’s as a virus that kills off the unwanted humans. Thank God we have abortion clinics now and hate the words abstinence and hard work.

The Jukes still live in our hardened hearts. They’re the people who eat meat, the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, the ignorant, the poor, the fertile, the ugly, the unlovable. Here’s why we hate the Bible: Love thy Neighbor.

Try it. Okay we all can do the tolerance thing, but the history of the world proves it’s nearly impossible to do the love thing. But there is this quote from the book some of us just can’t tolerate:” Nothing is impossible with God.”

14 responses to “Humility in the Gene Pool Jukes”

  1. Well said. So many centuries of living and the human race still doesn’t get it. In fact, the lack of tolerance is getting worse. I once heard a marginalised woman on television say, “I don’t want to be tolerated, I want to be accepted.”


    • I believe it’s our right as humans not to have to accept all ideas. I don’t think we have to accept all behaviors. We should question everything, BUT love is something different. I can love someone and still disagree with what they do. if my child gets involved in risky behavior and I accept it then I’m neglecting my duty. That’s freedom. Tolerance as it is now preached tends towards dictatorship and that scares me.


  2. Population is a tough subject for me. More people means more wars over resources. People from overcrowded cities seem meaner than country folk. The rich will not likely share. Technology is the wild card; it can improve lives but risks still exist. I envy the pastoral lifestyle, I see in pictures.


    • I think the over population thing is a tool used to scare the average person into giving up their rights. It’s no coincidence that Africa has the most natural resources and remains in a state of chaos. It has nothing to do with the size of the population, but the size of the greed of the petty dictators and world leaders who want what Africa ‘s got and don’t want to really pay for it. (Soldiers and average people pay for it).

      When I say love I don’t mean the hippie kind. I mean the kind that puts love of humanity before greed. Pride is the biggest problem (maybe the only real problem). The need to have more than the next guy.

      I have no problem with people having wealth for jobs well done. Even Paul in the Bible said if people aren’t willing to work they shouldn’t be fed ( this is the negative way of looking at work of course. We all know that work is more satisfying than sloth).

      But to me, evil corrupts and distorts. The latest science says the population is now on a downward swing. (Maybe ebola is just what Prince Phillip was wishing for).


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