McMansion Not. Yaddo


Forgot my camera last night at my volunteer training so enjoy these pictures of the interior of Yaddo Mansion for now:

7 thoughts on “McMansion Not. Yaddo

      1. I’m going to bring my camera. The tour guides I hope have some leeway. The tourists aren’t allowed to take photos because it seems the tour gets crazy and people hold things up gawking. I have to move them along (not my strong suit 🙂 When I walked in the front door the other night I gawked.


    1. When you walk the grounds and listen to the gigantic pine trees sway in the wind you almost feel the children playing and laughing. Very eerie and tremendously sad. The beauty comes with such pain.


  1. I’m familiar with Yaddo from the literary residencies they offer. It’s quite prestigious to be awarded a residency. I wasn’t aware of the history of the mansion and grounds. Thanks for sharing this information and I hope you enjoy being a tour guide.


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