Feeding Baby and Bear

Isn't that cute(?)  No controversy here.
Isn’t that cute(?)
No controversy here.

12 responses to “Feeding Baby and Bear”

  1. I had to read the other comments as I didn’t know which way to fall on this one. I have decided! I think it’s cute. Milk is milk. Although expressing it into something else might have been more palatable to some. But who had milk bottles those days? No, I’m sticking with cute.


    • I always wanted a pet baby bear. Breast feeding is such a controversial subject these days. I don’t think it was back then–though I imagine breast feeding wild animals wasn’t that common. 🙂


      • I remember the story of a chimp from the 1970’s that was completely integrated into a human family for experimental research and the mom…(yes MOM!) 🙂 breast fed the chimp.

        It garnered a similar reaction. I wasn’t sure how to react then either when I read about it, because I was allowing potential societal thinking to sway me (which is not common for me) but I was more pro than con. It seemed kinda natural. We’re all mammals and milk is milk. Plus it is not a harmful process, unlike many of our accepted societal practices, but a kind one. So I’m sold.


      • We raise goats for milk and with that comes adorable kids we have to feed. Most commercial producers give their babies kid formula (probably made by the same evil corporations who sold us on human baby formula).

        After reading up on it we let our goats raise their own kids and share the milk with them or we buy cow’s milk for the babies (seems crazy, I know).

        My family was totally anti-breast feeding (puritanical and swayed by the 1950’s culture). I think my mother felt guilty that she didn’t breast-feed and that she smoked. My brother blames his allergies and the fact that he’s not 6’2″ on her. Oh, the drama.


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