Lady Edison

Scary Baby Lady
Air Baby

“Lady Edison” with latest invention: an air baby doll that can be bathed. Miss Beulah Louise Henry, of North Carolina and a direct descendent of Patrick Henry, is often called the “Lady Edison” because of her many inventions. She arrived at the Patent Office in Washington today to consult with Uncle Sam about one of her more than 40 inventions. Miss Henry is shown with her latest invention, an air baby doll which can be bathed and looks more like a real baby than any of its kind.

National Inventors’ Hall of Fame

Inner Workings of a Doll
Inner Workings of a Doll

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  1. It’s weird to think people invent things like this. It’s pretty amazing what people can come up with! 😀


    1. I think about that all the time. We all have this need to create, but everyone is so different.

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  2. What does an air baby doll mean? I love dolls and history, so I can’t believe I don’t know the answer myself!


    1. I’m thinking it’s hollow on the inside vs. a stuffed doll?


      1. I’m so curious about it now!


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