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  1. Defo the first but I can’t sing for toffee.


    1. I’m a mix of first and last–maybe? I watched a weird video about Michelle Obama really being a man because she had a certain type of hand–I looked at my own hands and had the same type! I’ve had kids. I’m pretty sure I’m a woman. LOL.


  2. ‘They’ used to make a lot of judgments based on physical structure. There’s a lot of truth there, and as much dismissal of the importance of the human spirit.

    Good post, Adrienne.


    1. You’re right. I bet some people with conical hands are actually practical 🙂


  3. Probably the first, but my fingers are fairly short overall. I’d have been sunk back then for sure.


    1. Probably sent to wash dishes. Haha. So glad that now we’re only judged by our SAT scores. We need to rebel against the technocratic dictatorship!


      1. I never liked being judged by my SAT scores either… 🙂


  4. They were really into reading heads, hands, etc. back then, weren’t they? And now we read genes. Folks always looking for answers, I guess.


    1. And they never get it quite right, do they?


  5. Kate Loveton says:

    Where are the murderer’s hands? 😉


    1. Depends on what type of murderer–engineer by day;savage by night!

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  6. cannasue says:

    I used to have a very old book that studied facial features, it was absolutely fascinating. Thin lips I recall denoted a mean character, untrustworthy, I can,t remember the other things to look out for.
    Think my husband got a bit concerned when I kept staring at his face and the book, It mysteriously disappeared in the end. The book that is…not his face!


    1. They say people still do respond differently to asymmetrical faces. An evolutionist might say we learned that beautiful people were better in some way and that’s why we respond positively to them. I don’t think that though. Not every beauty is someone I want to know.


  7. jmmcdowell says:

    Closest to the first, I think. Now, how would that compare with the shape of my head and the nature of its bumps…?


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