“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” Edgar Allan Poe


“In some Asian societies dating back to ancient times, and in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, fair skin was considered very attractive because it was thought to indicate wealth and high social status, as being tanned meant that one was obligated to work in the fields for one’s livelihood. Similarly, the powdered white wig worn by American colonial era illuminati reflected the wearer’s ability to afford luxury items and identified him as one of the educated elite.

courtesy pinterest
courtesy pinterest

“Nevertheless, in nineteenth-century America, albinism was considered such a bizarre trait that people with this condition were exhibited in circus sideshows. Furthermore, with the advent of the camera, these individuals were featured on postcards which were widely distributed and collected from the 1870s-’90s.” Albinism.org

19th century musical albinos

Albinism in popular culture

19th century albino hair

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    • I have very few collections of my own, but I do make use of some really great collections of public domain pics online. The Public Domain review is my new favorite, but The Library of Congress has soooo many pictures! You could spend days going through them.


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