Dogs and Why Men and Women Love Them


5 Reasons Every Girl Should Have a Dog


Why We Love Men Who Love Dogs

8 responses to “Dogs and Why Men and Women Love Them”

    • Me, too. Elegant and tough. Imagine traipsing through the woods for a hunt in those clothes. My shoulders get tired carrying a small backpack. I probably don’t eat enough protein. 🙂 Hope you had a great holiday.

      I was thinking of your blog because it was one of the first that I followed and still read consistently (enjoying each post). I think you posted something about wedding shoes and a muffin recipe. Did you have long brown hair back then? Or am I remembering it all wrong?


      • I love her outfit, but I can only picture myself lounging around on a sofa, drinking tea, and reading a nice book in that dress!

        Aw, thanks so much! I’ve been following and enjoying your blogs since forever, too, or so it seems!

        I think that is me! My hair was actually long and dark red back then (although in some of my wedding pics it looked darker, due to the weird lighting of the venue). I posted a pic, I think, showing my sparkly purple wedding shoes and I have done posts about my blueberry cupcakes and madeleines. You have a good memory!


  1. Do the dogs not remind you just a bit of the mustached gentlemen holding their leashes? Long nose, the puff of facial hair…

    Or is it just me? 😀

    Strong, beautiful woman in the first photograph.

    How I love the photos that you share.


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