Theodore Roosevelt’s Coffee Connection

New York Historical Society
New York Historical Society

Before Starbucks there were the Roosevelts! READ the fascinating article about the family coffee chain (good to the last drop!).

13 responses to “Theodore Roosevelt’s Coffee Connection”

    • I think since the kids came up with the idea after TR’s death that he was the spirit tapping on their shoulders. 🙂 My father died a while back, but before he died he always used to bring coffee to people for no reason (a quiet public service).

      On my birthday a few years after he died (and I had forgotten my b-day) my father came to me in a vivid dream.

      He was carrying a box of Dunkin Donuts and COFFEE and said, “Happy birthday, kid!” just the way he’d always done when he was alive. It felt VERY real.


  1. How interesting! I had no idea the Roosevelts once had their own version of ‘Starbucks’.’ 😀 The photo of TR’s family in the article is one of my favorites. I love the look on Alice Roosevelt’s face. I love that woman – she was feisty – and lead an interesting life with a bit of scandal attached to it.


    • That’s one of my favorite pictures in the world. Alice is the icing on the cake. All the boys are so cute in their own way and Edith! I love how she calmly and with some inner assurance knew that one day she would marry TR.

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      • Edith was an interesting woman – just the strong, sort of unflappable woman T.R. really needed. His first wife, Alice, beautiful, sweet – I’m not sure how she would have fared as TR moved on in political life. Edith was the perfect spouse for him.

        And, had they not quarrelled at one point in their first courtship, TR would have probably married Edith then – and the marriage to Alice would have never taken place. But oh my! The thought of having missed a great woman like her daughter, the second Alice – I hate to think of it!


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