Benny Havens Tavern~The Fun Spot for Future Officers

Oh! Don't slip!
Oh! Don’t slip!

When I was young my friends and I stole away from a high school class trip to get drinks, but this place looks like more fun! The future officers even wrote a song about it.

“No amount of rough terrain, bad weather, or strict rules, kept cadets from their favorite watering hole. Cadets, such as Custer, Poe, and Davis, would routinely risk their lives, or at least their studies, to venture down river, after having snuck off base, to go drink at the popular tavern. The cadets would sneak out of their windows after lights out and either travel through the dense forest rife with cliffs to the bar, or should the dead of winter have proven cold enough, they would have stealthily skated down the Hudson River right to Benny Haven’s.” Shane Cashman

Read the rest of the article here.

Benny Havens
Come fill your glasses, fellows, and stand up in a row.
To singing sentimentally we’re going for to go.
In the Army there’s sobriety, promotions very slow.
So we’ll sing our reminiscences of Benny Havens. Oh!

Oh! Benny Havens, Oh! Oh! Benny Havens, Oh!
We’ll sing our reminiscences of Benny Havens, Oh!

To our kind old Alma Mater, our rockbound highland home.
We’ll cast back many a fond regret as o’er life’s sea we roam.
Until on our last battlefield the light of heaven shall glow.
We’ll never fail to drink to her and Benny Havens, Oh!

Oh! Benny Havens, Oh! Oh! Benny Havens, Oh!
We’ll sing our reminiscences of Benny Havens, Oh!

May the Army be augmented, promotion be less slow.
May our country in the hour of need be ready for the foe.
May we find a soldier’s resting place beneath a soldier’s blow.
With room enough beside our graves for Benny Havens, Oh!

Oh! Benny Havens, Oh! Oh! Benny Havens, Oh!
We’ll sing our reminiscences of Benny Havens, Oh!

west point benny havens


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Boy you really were a juvenile delinquent.


    1. Haha. We ordered rum and coke–isn’t that what every kid thinks would be a good drink?


      1. Yes Usually the only one they understand the ingredients. Wow you went from juvenile delinquent to traditional woman. I went from model child/teenager to problem adult.


      2. I looked like the model child–editor of the high school newspaper, an interest in Christianity and kind to my parents–but I had a wild streak, too.

        I thought all kids had wild streaks.


      3. Difficult streaks yes wild streaks no. I know your type. I Probably would have made a lot of fun of you in high school


      4. My husband was the male version–star football player in hs then off to the Navy to become a nuclear sub engineer. His parents were proud, but boy, was he wild.

        It’s a good thing we met when we both had calmed down a bit.


  2. Who would think? Now, we want the recruits buttoned up, ultra-focused, and perfect. Good story.


    1. My family friends who graduated Annapolis recently still found time to get up to all sorts of hijinks. 🙂


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