How To Post A 19th Century Letter

"The Letter" Vittorio Reggianini
“The Letter” Vittorio Reggianini

Step by step instructions HERE

15 thoughts on “How To Post A 19th Century Letter

  1. I remember snail mail! But even when I sent it, we didn’t do anything this lovely. When I got married, I wanted to do it right. So I wrote out each invitation by hand and folded them as per the linked instructions. I came across one the other day and realized: both the invite and my marriage are antiques.


  2. Those links reminded me — women are not men. I also watched some of a Twilight movie to try and understand female infatuation with it. I did get a couple of laughs, but I kept thinking women are different.


    1. Okay, I got some laughs from Twilight, too. 🙂 I completely understood why young girls liked it. I didn’t understand why women did.

      You made me laugh just now. Men and women definitely are different. I don’t understand why people get upset about it. I think it’s fun.


  3. Historians have learned so much about people from the past through the letters left behind. I wonder what future historians will look at? Trails of emails? 🙂

    I love the painting above: the anticipation, the soft giggles, the joy over hearing from a beau, perhaps? It’s fun to imagine. That is what I enjoy about paintings – losing myself in imagining what went on behind the captured moment.


    1. When I was young I went to Ireland by myself and met a bunch of interesting boys. One was a poet and he used to send me love letters and poetry. I didn’t like him like that but it was great to get pages of mail. In fact I carried on a bunch of long distance love affairs through letters. I almost married a guy who lived in a thatched roof cottage, but he had a nervous break down. 🙂


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