17 thoughts on “What Sort Of Man Are You?

  1. Can we be both please Miss?
    In regard to outdoors there’s outdoors like Mr Shirt-ripped-to-the-waist-and-liking-it and then there’s the bloke in The Otter Hunt by Millais (little wonder it doesn’t get exhibited much these days). In regard to indoors, I get the feeling that Mr blue stockings might just be a tad toward the patronising wing of the party.


    • I give permission for you to be all sorts of men–any painting you want. I know of the Otter painting by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer with the otter on the end of a spear and crazy dogs all around. That sounds like guy fun 🙂

      I agree with you about this particular indoor guy–but the new spinet is a nice gift. I guess it gives him more time to read the sports pages. We all need our hobbies.


  2. Since I’m an indoor woman, I guess I’d have to say an indoor man, the kind who would curl up next to you, reading his book while you’re reading yours. Hey, I have that man! Lucky me!


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