Differences Between Boys and Girls

Chemistry Class, courtesy Chapman Historical Museum
Chemistry Class, courtesy Chapman Historical Museum





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      • I’m truly sorry about that. I know that some children and adults need to be on medication and it works wonders for them, but I also feel that in trying to get boys to behave more like girls in school we over medicate them. Statistically more boys are prescribed meds and I fear we lose some of the best things about them.

        As a teacher I so many times saw boys who were brilliant and wild. They had original thoughts and boundless energy. These kids were difficult to keep still and a real challenge in a traditional classroom setting, but then I saw boys nearly sleeping through life under too many meds.

        I guess I’m overly sensitive to the destruction of boys and men. I’m not anti-meds, just have a strong distrust in pharmaceutical companies and public education.

        I’m really sorry I offended you and wish only the best for your son. I sometimes forget that dark humor doesn’t always translate well on the internet.


      • Apology accepted. You are still my favorite historical fiction author who was from New Jersey and lives on a farm in Upstate New York.

        I am equally concerned about the destruction of boys/men and have a distrust of the pharmaceutical industry. My feelings about public education are mixed. I am a product of public education and I owe a portion of my success to that. However, I also see how it has evolved and am less than impressed by its current state.

        There has always been a fine line between brilliance and insanity. However it is easier to judge when you are not in the middle of the insanity. I can speak from experience with both my wife and son. My son is doing relatively fine with a combination of therapy, support groups and yes some medication. He is very very smart but the best part about him is that when he is not under stress he is about the nicest, kindest and gentlest person I know.


  1. Very interesting bits of info here! Thanks for sharing. Even though we are all different in our own ways, I have found that the general tendencies in your article hold true.


    • One I embraced the differences between boys and girls/men and women life got a whole lot sweeter. Of course there is some overlap etc, but the chart rings true for me, too. It came from a foster parenting class. I was actually surprised we were allowed to admit there were differences . . . and thanks for the reblog Shawn!

      Have a great day.

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  2. I liked the discussion between you and another blogger about the medication of boys. I understand that blogger’s concerns about dealing with children who require medication (and some do!), but I have longed worry about the over medication of boys who are just boys. They are different from girls.

    Anyway, I loved the ‘conversation’ between you both. Well done – both of you.


    • I’m glad you said that. He’s a good guy and I was glad we didn’t have some huge horrible fight or anything. I enjoy having someone share their strong opinions–it keeps me honest and compassionate. Sometimes I forget there are real people in the blogging world with real feelings.
      And how are you these days, Kate?

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      • Hi Adrienne, much better and getting back to speed with the blogging. I had been feeling overwhelmed lately by a lot of things, but I’m doing much better now. Thanks for asking. 💜


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