Antidote for the “Same-Old, Same Old”

Theodore Wores Cherry Blossoms Yokohama 1893
Theodore Wores Cherry Blossoms Yokohama 1893

Yesterday I overheard two women bemoaning their dull lives. “How are you today?” one asked the other.

“Same-old, same old,” was the reply.

I wanted to shake their doldrums away. Go look at a painting! Walk the dog! Stop drinking soda–it’s making you tired!

Maggie Wilson by Frank Duveneck
Maggie Wilson by Frank Duveneck

Theodore Wores was the son of a hat manufacturer in San Francisco. He took to art at the age of twelve. At 15 he enrolled at the San Francisco School of Design. A year later he was off to Munich to study and befriend the likes of Frank Duveneck and William Merritt Chase.

I doubt he ever had a same-old, same-old day. Theodore spent years in Japan and visited Hawaii and Samoa. He married and settled in San Fran spending the rest of his life capturing California.

Theodore hung with people who had big ideas like Oscar Wilde.

We don’t need fancy friends though, do we? We may not paint or write prose that will stand the test of time, but we can walk the dog when winter finally breaks. We can allow ourselves big ideas, too. Who says we have to be the same-old, same-old people getting our marching orders from TV and people who’ve already given up on life?

I’m going to stick with painters I don’t know and when I’m done drinking up their masterpieces, I’m going to walk the dogs.

Rosie and Daisy being a little too enthusiastic.
Rosie and Daisy being a little too enthusiastic.

19 responses to “Antidote for the “Same-Old, Same Old””

  1. We had doggies named Rosie and Daisy. Rosie was adopted in England and Daisy was adopted here. Rosie died of old age and Daisy is still kicking. We also have a pug named Captain.


    • You are always very kind. I love my Cavaliers. I remember going to the Met in NYC for classes and the old paintings always had these long eared little dogs. I knew one day I’d have a few.


  2. What a sweet pair of dogs. King Charles Spaniels?

    A commenter above remarked on naming dogs after herbs. I named my boy dogs after the Rat Pack: Frankie (for Frank Sinatra); Sammy for Sammy Davis, Jr.; and Joey (for Joey Bishop). We had a beautiful outdoor cat for a time. We named her Ava for Ava Gardner.

    I am so weird…. 😀


    • Oh no! I LOVE it! haha. I’m glad I didn’t think of theme naming my children. They would have hated me. I wanted to name Sebastian Huck Finn but my husband wouldn’t let me so I had to name a beloved dog Huck.

      I used to hang out in Frank’s place of birth–Hoboken, NJ when it was a little more gritty.Now it’s very posh.

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