15 thoughts on “QUOTE:“Our God and soldier we alike adore, When at the brink of ruin, not before; After deliverance both alike requited, Our God forgotten, and our soldiers slighted.” ―Francis Quarles

    • You will be happy as I was to find that most Civil War surgeons actually (almost universally) used either ether or chloroform before performing painful procedures. Thank God! Chloroform was more widely used on the battlefield because of its great results during the Crimean War.

      I used to reenact as a Civil War nurse and became obsessed with Civil War medicine 🙂

      How are you feeling these days? I hope very well! Your dog is looking good 🙂


    • Thanks, Kate. 🙂

      My uncle and great uncle before him both came home from different wars shells of themselves. They lived their lives afraid of putting themselves out into the world emotionally and led sad and lonely existences. Then there were other uncles who managed full and adventurous lives regaling us with tales of their bravery. One great uncle fought in one of the last mounted cavalry charges.

      People handle things so differently.

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      • You must read “And Ladies of the Club” – there is a character in that book that would definitely speak to you. I mean, after all, you have so much free time to write, blog, run a farm – and read, right??! 😀 But, no, seriously, put it on your future reading list. I think you’d like it.


      • I will definitely do that! It does look right up my alley, BUT I probably won’t read it until after I finish publishing my Tenafly Road series (all of the next 4 books are in the editing stage) because I tend to get scared of good fiction when I’m working on my own fiction 🙂 But I’m going to buy the book so I remember to read it.

        For now I’m safe with reading straight history! My next book should be out late May or early June! So excited.

        Have a great weekend. We’re going to pick up a buckling goat!

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