12 thoughts on “19th Century Erotica. Proceed With CAUTION

  1. Well, they certainly did more than go to church. Have you seen Courbert’s “Origin of the World?” I think it was done around 1860. I saw the original and have a coffee table book with it in my living room which shocked a particularly bitchy visitor which pleased me immensely.


  2. How “modern” much of this seems. Reminds me of the illustrations of 1972’s “The Joy of Sex”. I, too, Adrienne, was amused by the guy smoking his pipe while being pleasured. Interesting how the focus is on oral gratification. We tend to think of the Victorians as prudes, having sex with the lights off and in the missionary position. That women, outside of a bordello, didn’t enjoy sex; merely putting up with their husband’s (or lover’s) demands.
    This puts stands that notion on it’s head, doesn’t it?


    • Indeed. I never believed the Victorians were cold fish. I think in the US there was a movement in the Northeast to glorify frigid women as an ideal, but I don’t buy that regular people paid any heed to it. I remember reading a soldier’s letter home to his wife during the Civil War where he talked dirty to her. It was a great find.


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