How The Civil War Changed The World

A family affair: infantry near Washington
A family affair: infantry near Washington

“Even while the Civil War raged, slaves in Cuba could be heard singing, “Avanza, Lincoln, avanza! Tu eres nuestra esperanza!” (Onward, Lincoln, Onward! You are our hope!) – as if they knew, even before the soldiers fighting the war far to the North and long before most politicians understood, that the war in America would change their lives, and the world.

The secession crisis of 1860-1861 threatened to be a major setback to the world antislavery movement, and it imperiled the whole experiment in democracy. If slavery was allowed to exist, and if the world’s leading democracy could fall apart over the issue, what hope did freedom have?” Don Doyle New York Times


3 responses to “How The Civil War Changed The World”

  1. The article was fascinating. It always amazes me how different people view the same events and come up with wildly differing explanations. The comments were a treat! I don’t think that the Brits ever bought the “end slavery” justification.


    • Yes, the comments were VERY interesting indeed. Very spirited. I love that. Slavery poisoned politics for years–the bitter battles made it impossible for politicians to solve a host of problems so while men went to war for various reasons slavery was the main underlying cause in my humble opinion.


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