6 thoughts on “J.M.W. Turner Catches Mother Earth Polluting Mother Earth!

  1. Dang freaky, I just ran into Turner while researching. My research involved his erotic art which John Ruskin was accused of destroying. It so happens the J.M.W. Turner Museum is in Sarasota which is not far from the town founded by Ruskin follower and is named, Ruskin.


    • That IS weird because I was just reading a story about his erotic art and how they thought it was destroyed, but it’s in the Tate Museum (I think). 🙂 I’d love to see the Turner Museum. Lucky you!


    • I love it too! When I used to paint it always turned into a muddy mess ( a lot of green-browns). Even though the painting may show pollution it still looks like the Garden of Eden to me. I saw a self-portrait of Turner–he was a cutie.


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